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Thursday, July 4, 2013

#QB Week started off with interview with NFL Prospect, Taylor Housewright

  • @OwnThePocket What kind of camps did u go to in offseason & which was your favorite? #QBWeek
    • I went to instructional camps instead of combines. My favorite was the Manning Passing Academy in New Orleans.
  • @OwnThePocket How often did u throw in the off season? How were you able to get teammates to match your work ethic & be there too? #QBWeek
    • @Webletes I threw 3 times a week with my receivers. I would tell them if they want the ball they have to have timing with me.
  • @OwnThePocket Did u watch alot of film in high school? What are some ways to make sure HS QBs are getting the most out of film study? #QBWeek
    • @Webletes I watched film everyday. 2 get most out of film you have to watch what the defense is trying to accomplish and not the ball.
  • @OwnThePocket Did u play multiple sports or just stick with one since you were quarterback and leader? #QBWeek
    • @Webletes I also played basketball. I believe a high school athlete should play as many sports as possible to become a well rounded athlete.
  • @OwnThePocket What’s the biggest difference in playing QB in high school to playing QB in College? #QBWeek
    • @Webletes The biggest diff in college is understanding what everyone on offense is doing and what the defense is trying to accomplish.
  • @OwnThePocket How many schools did you visit & why did you choose Ashland University? #QBWeek
    • @Webletes I visited 5 different schools and I chose ashland because they were committed to winning.
  • @OwnThePocket What was best way you found to show u were a leader to your teammates? #QBWeek
    • The best way I showed leadership was by working harder then everyone in the offseason workouts.
  • @OwnThePocket What advice would you give to a high school quarterback who wants to play in college? #QBWeek
    • Along with being a gym rat you have to be a film rat and become a student of the game.
  • Per @DJNDQB2016, “@OwnThePocket going to start doing a bunch of core exercises, wouldn't this help you get more velocity on the ball?”
    • @Webletes @DJNDQB2016 Yes, throwing the football starts with your feet and core. That is a common problem for young quarterbacks.
  • @OwnThePocket We know you do training in Charlotte, NC. In 140 characters, how can you help a QB get better? #QBWeek
    • I can help a QB get better, because I will train him to perform physically & mentally under stressful situations or chaos.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Webletes.com 2013 High School Football Combine Camp Tour

Well, we are back at it again!

We have announced our 2013 High School Football Combine Camp Tour! We will be stopping in 17 major cities while testing athletes on their 40 yard dash, pro shuttle, vertical & broad jump. We will also be doing agility drills and 1 on 1's. The best part is we will send results to college coaches across the country!

Here is more information about our camps and how to register 


Friday, October 12, 2012

High School Football Senior Showcase

Webletes.com Senior Football Showcase - Register Here
($50 pre-reg, $75 at the door - No Refunds)
When: December 14th, 6-8 PM
Where: Oberlin College, OH (Williams Field House)

Who can attend?
Any High School Senior looking to improve their recruiting status!

What you’ll do:
  • Agility Stations
    • We will do 4 different evaluation drills for 5 minutes each. These will include the pro shuttle, l-cone, ladder, and star drill. There will be no stop watches or measurements taken as college coaches would not be able to attend if we did.
  • Position Specific Drills
    • We will do both offense and defense. Athletes will have the ability to be evaluated on both sides of the ball. We will switch positions half-way through.
  • 1 on 1s
    • Each athlete will have an opportunity to compete and be assessed. We will be separated into 2 different groups (OL vs. DL & Skill).
How will we help you get recruited?
  • Be evaluated by Division 2 & Division 3 coaches
  • Every NCAA school in the country will be sent your information & have access to video from the camp. Video will be taken from agility stations, drill work, and 1 on 1s. We will also put the video on our Youtube page (Youtube.com/Webletes) for athletes to use for a personal highlight tape.
  • Compete against the top athletes in the area
  • We will also be selecting athletes to showcase throughout Webletes.com.

Monday, August 20, 2012

An Intern for Webletes: My Experience

Around March of this year, I found myself in a position the majority of college students find themselves in: eager to gain experience, yet entirely unaware of precisely what I wanted to gain experience in. Intimidated by the job market and internship search, I set out to find an internship that could offer me a wide variety of learning experiences since I was so undecided about my future. Luckily for me, I found Webletes, an online recruiting website that specialized in combine camps for athletes. As a start-up company offering a virtual internship, I thought it would be a flexible, yet hands-on choice. I was right.
Immediately, owners Tim and Pat Curran welcomed me on their staff. Over the course of five months, I helped with a number of things. My main job was managing the Webletes social media pages; I visited the Facebook and Twitter sites daily. I quickly learned about the marketing world as I created Facebook groups, updated daily status, tweeted about Webletes, and posted articles I had found on the ins and outs of the recruiting process. Pat also trained me to make phone calls to athletes, inquiring about their progress in the recruiting process and extending invitations to their combine camps for football, soccer, basketball, and track. The experience I gained making over 400 phone calls was priceless—a much-needed lesson in marketing and sales. Additionally, Tim gave me the responsibility of creating Excel files of the camp results and editing them to create specialized documents for advertisers and college coaches.
I got the chance to meet with Tim multiple times over the summer to talk about the future of Webletes and the decisions that the company made financially and competitively. Because I worked with a smaller company, I was privy to the decisions they made first-hand and able to offer suggestions that they took into consideration and sometimes implemented. I’m infinitely glad that I got to work with Webletes this summer because instead of filing papers away as an assistant intern in a big company, I got to be part of the process and decision making team.

Duke Class of 2015